Here at the Foundation we offer a quick appraisal for those curious to see if their stamp or coin collection has decent cash value or not. Of course a detailed evaluation is always best and we can perform this here. This program serves the purpose of a fast look by our senior appraiser who has done this work going on sixty years! Here is how it works:


Send us a scan of either what you think is valuable or if you have no clue and you have a World-wide stamp collection in a large album staring with A and going to Z countries here are the better countries to scan; only scan the oldest (first pages): US, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, China. Let's start with these and I'll report back if I think it's worth adding more. I will upon review tell you what potentially those pages might be worth!


If you have a collection of stamps where each country has its own album do the same, scan the first page only.


For your first scan our appraiser charges $10. Just add $1 for each additional scan but to start don't send more than ten so he can comment on what you are sending.


Send a payment for your scans to the appraisers user account at PayPal. He uses mdubasso@americanphilatelic.com.


Clarification if not familiar with PayPal: Go to PayPal/ click on make a payment/ they will ask you for the account/ the account is the email address; in this case mdubasso@americanphilatelic.com/ type this in the space and the amount you are paying.



To Send Money via Paypal, click HERE



Email us if you have questions regarding this procedure.